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Belonging to advanced university assignments, synthesis essay is a multi-part task. A student has to choose a topic, come up with a claim, evaluate and process existing scientific sources, and finish with analytical summary paragraph. When facing such homework task, start with a strong idea that can be processed through different research methods. It is not obligatory to defend particular statement, but offer a combination of diverse sources. If there is a prompt given by the college professor, think of a thesis statement, thus sufficient amount of sources can be found. Read through acquired material to take notes, so different ideas can be summarized. Conclusion paragraph should evaluate sources, stating which of them agree or disagree with your thesis statement.

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What is a synthesis essay?
This essay type represents a classic research writing since it has to incorporate and analyze information from several sources to provide an argumentative view. Since you have a certain thesis in advance, you must work with several ideas that will differ. The topics for synthesis essay may include anything from social media effects to ethics in business management and the ER practices. The most important is to find enough sources.
How to write synthesis essays?
You must start with an evaluation of your sources before you compose a thesis. Once you have enough information to synthesize, think about a strong argument or a claim. In the body paragraphs, you must describe your references by connecting them to your thesis. Browse through our synthesis essay examples to see the structure and understand how to choose your topics correctly. Remember to cite accordingly by analyzing each reference.

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